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You have found the web-site of the Church of England Parish of Dunstable in Beds, UK.

PARISH OF DUNSTABLE in the Diocese of St Albans
The Priory Church of St Peter
St Augustine of Canterbury
St Fremund the Martyr
St Katherine of Genoa

Dear Friends,
Following guidance from the Church of England, we are sad to say our church doors are locked due to COVID-19.
This means that there will be no services, meetings, events or gatherings physically in any of our four churches until further notice. The only exception to this is the Foodbank at St Augustine’s church, which will continue to operate.

But a Church is so much more than a building and we carry on worshipping, caring and loving as Jesus taught us, albeit mainly on-line via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Zoom and A Church Near You..

What exactly are we doing? Click on a link below to find out more….COME AND SEE!

Priory Church Dunstable Facebook    YouTube Channel Priory Church     ACNY Priory Church of St Peter 

Twitter Dunstable Priory Church  

St Augustine’s Church Facebook        YouTube Channel St Augustine’s    ACNY St Augustine’s Church

St Fremund’s Church Facebook          YouTube Channel St Fremund’s      ACNY St Fremund’s

With our love and prayers
Rachel Phillips, Rector
Tim Davis, Team Vicar
Ricky Turner, Team Vicar


A church should provide refuge.
A church must be a safe place for all

Click to download Parish of Dunstable Safeguarding Guidelines & Contacts

Click to download Parish of Dunstable Policy for Safeguarding Children

Click to download Parish of Dunstable Policy for Safeguarding Adults

This site is undergoing a major redesign and rebuild to make it more user friendly and easier to access on modern devices. We are very sorry if you have some difficulties with it during the work but if you click on our Heritage Site link at the bottom of this page you will see what we hope our main site will look like when the work is complete.

Meanwhile you can still find some of us on A Church Near You, on Facebook and on Twitter.