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Parish Groups

Most of the activities of the parish are associated with one or other of the district churches. However, some activities are shared.

Bereavement Care

Each bereaved family whose loved one’s funeral has been organised through the parish is offered a visit from one of our lay bereavement visitors a few weeks after the funeral which the family can either accept or decline. Many accept and are appreciative of the church’s care at this difficult and painful time of their lives.  We also run a monthly coffee morning for those who have been bereaved and in each church there is an annual memorial service to which those who have been bereaved in the previous year are invited.

Mothers’ Union

Dunstable Mother’s Union meet every two months for an afternoon and evening session. Please do come along of you’d like to find out more about the work of the Mother’s Union.

Please contact Margaret Wallis on 01582 755461 for meeting details.


The ramblers meet on a monthly basis. Full details are available in the calendar section of the website. We hope to see you there. Jackie and Gill.

Dementia Carer Support Group

The Dementia Carer Support Group is held once a month (the third Friday of the month) at the Church Hall, Priory Church of St Peter. The meeting is free of charge. It is as easy as arriving at 1.30pm, enjoying a refreshment, listening to the presentation and talking with professionals and others who understand what it is like to be a carer and support a person with dementia.

Should you have any questions about the Dementia Carer Support Group please contact Dr Schoeman on 01582 707591 or email johan.schoeman@sept.nhs.uk.

for further information about the group click here.


There is an annual Parish Confirmation service and In recent years the trend has very much been to see adults coming forward for confirmation. Most normally, adult candidates coming forward for confirmation are invited to join the ‘Emmaus Nurture Course’ which is a discussion based course in three modules lasting, in total, 15 sessions.  Younger candidates, from the age of around 15, follow the Youth Emmaus Programme.

Admission of Children to Communion

It is parish policy to offer to children aged 7 and above the possibility of admission to Holy Communion. This follows a period of individual home-based preparation with family support under the guidance of the clergy.