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News for September

News for September

Italian Garden – Mapperton House, Dorset.

A haze on the far horizon, the infinite, tender sky,
The ripe, rich tint of the cornfields, and the wild geese sailing high;
And all over upland and lowland the charm of the golden rod –
Some of us call it Autumn, and others call it God.

William Herbert Carruth (1859 – 1924)

As August leaves us with warm and sunny periods of quite Summery weather we look forward to the possibility of mellow Autumn sunshine in September.

During the holiday period much hard work has been proceeding on the refurbishment project at the Dunstable Parish Hall.

The Hall Committee has been able to set this work in process thanks to a generous charity donation and also the willing labours of some very dedicated  volunteers whose contributions have included the drawing of plans, dealing with Suppliers of new kitchen equipment, deciding on paint colours and curtain materials etc.  All with the aim of achieving a bright and modernised Parish Hall by mid September.

Rev Ronni Goodman leaves us on 9 September after the Worship for All Eucharist and will be installed as Rector of Meppershall and Shefford on Wednesday 26 September.

Junior Church resumes on 16 September in the Parish Hall.

The Priory Choir returns to duty for choral services on 9 September.

Coffee Mornings will be held in the Priory refreshment area on Saturdays 1st September and 29 September.

Ray Bryant

September 2012

News for August

Summer Blossoms!

August is here with its thoughts of holidays, sitting in the garden, days out with the family, plans for new ventures and all in the hope that the whole week of sunshine we’ve recently enjoyed will continue.

Of course the Olympic contests are in full swing after the wonderful opening ceremony which welcomed our world-wide visitors and athletes on an amazing evening in July.  Those of us who remained glued to the television till 1 am aver that it was the most surprising, inventive, artistic, spectacular, original and humorous presentation we could have imagined.  (I think I’ve left out some adjectives!)

General items of Priory church news are as follows:

  • Revd Roni Goodman is coming to the end of her four years as Curate at the Priory.  We congratulate her on her appointment as Rector of Meppershall and Shefford and thank her for the dedication and service she has given us all. Roni’s final Priory service will be at 915 am on Sunday 9th September and her Institution at Meppershall is on Wednesday 26th September.
  • During August the Priory Choirs are singing at Exeter and Chichester Cathedrals.  We wish them a happy and enjoyable time.
  • A Coffee Morning will be held in church on Saturday 1st September.
  • Please support Food Bank and Friends in Deed schemes as you are able.

Ray Bryant

SUN, Mar 29, 2020