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Lamp outing

A LAMP Outing to St. Albans Abbey – 2nd December 2011

Lamp Outing

It was round about September that I was approached by LAMP to see if I was prepared to take some of the 3rd Dunstable Scouts to the St. Albans Abbey Sleep Out. Being a Cub Leader, taking Scouts away over night is something that I do not usually do. Karen Rabjohn is one of the main fund raisers for LAMP and one of her children is currently one of our Cubs and two of her older children are part of our Scout Troop. Also I have, together with our Beaver Leader Gill Short, done the sleep out before.

So on Friday, I collected Gill, Mercedes Smart (Young Leader) and Robert Deed (Scout) and headed for St. Albans Abbey armed with lots of warm clothes, hats and survival bags. Despite being well before 9pm. all the good sites round the Abbey were full and so the team had to set up in the wind alongside the railings. We were joined later by some of the Dunstable Explorer Scouts. Karen and family were there too.  About 10pm, we went to the religious bit  of the evening  (a talk & singing) and later we had a cup of hot soup before retiring to our orange bags. Guess what, the rain had started. The Abbey bells toll the time throughout the night, “1 bell and all’s well…” and later some of us could remember some of them while others were awake at other times.

At one point, lying awake listening to the rain pattering on the orange bag and listening to the the wind blow  it made me realise, how hard it must be for the homeless. However had it been dry and bright, the impact of it all might have been far less marked. At least I could go home to a warm shower and a good breakfast. Others are not so lucky.

By 7am, it was over and we had our sponsor forms stamped, yes cold, yes slightly damp and yes feeling good.

I have heard it said that “the young people of today do not care”. Well that was not the case last night, of the 300 or more sleeping rough to raise money 75% of them were today’s youth. All in one place, no attitude, just a friendly common purpose.

The combined 4 members of the 3rd Dunstable who took part, raised over £400 for LAMP. Thank you to all those of you who supported us.

Mervyn Wilson

St Peter’s round up October/November

St Peter’s News Round-up

by Ray Bryant

The Autumn trees have given us a blaze of fiery colours during October and the flowers in Church for Harvest Festival were equally fine, as usual.

Early in the month we had the Harvest Supper, held this time, in Church where we enjoyed chicken pie and other home-made dishes followed by apple crumble dessert.  The music system purveyed gentle background music to mingle with the buzz of conversation and a good social occasion was had by all.  Many thanks are due to the unseen and unheard catering volunteers who always provide a wonderful service on these occasions.

They were, of course, on duty the following day looking after the many old friends who came for the afternoon Harvest service followed by afternoon tea in the Parish hall.  Again it was good to talk to those who, through age and disability, have not been able to be with us very often on special occasions and by special arrangements.

These occasions are welcome opportunities to meet our fellow worshippers and help us to relate to each other as individuals.

Looking forward we have an Emmaus group invited to the Rectory on 3rd November for a course of bible study, discussion and fellowship on Thursday evenings. (except 10th)

The Christmas Bazaar is to be held in Church this year and is on 3rd December when we hope for a good attendance of customers to buy some of their Christmas presents and thereby help maintain the Priory finances.

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