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Chellington youth weekend

At the end of September 21 young people from the parish aged between 10 and 17 spent the weekend at the Chellington Youth Centre in North Bedfordshire with Richard and Alison Andrews and Kaye and Ian Rogers.

Rhyannan Rogers writes…

Chellington with the parish was amazing once again this year.  We got up to lots of exciting things such as team games (which were very challenging) making our own dinner and getting to know the newcomers. It was good to see the people that I only see at Chellington and catching up with them. We carried on our tradition again this year and went for a walk around the local lake and going to the cafe for cake afterwards. We have a 10-15 minute worship each day to give us time to reflect on the events that have happened and to all come together in a quiet atmosphere. I would definitely recommend this weekend to any young people of the parish as its a good way to get to know other young members and have a fun weekend. Thank you again to Richard, Alison, Kaye and Ian for organizing a great weekend once again.

Chellington Youth Weekend

SUN, Mar 29, 2020