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Our Churches

The Dunstable Team Ministry was established in 1978, and consists of

St Augustines (1959)

St Fremunds (1968)

St Katherines (URC/Anglican LEP, established 1998) and

The Priory Church of St Peter (1131).

The Team Ministry is one parish with one Parochial Church Council. Each church has its own District Church Council, to which many of the PCC’s functions are delegated. The clergy team consist of a Team Rector, two Team Vicars and a Curate. The clergy leadership style is collegial, with the Team Rector as the first among equals. There is also a part-time Parish Administrator, and a Parish Office close to the town centre.

The clergy all minister across the whole parish, but with a particular responsibility for a Church and its District. The Team Rector is the principal minister at St Peters and the Curate assists him there. The two Team Vicars have responsibility for St Augustines and St Fremunds respectively. The Team Vicar with responsibility for St Augustine’s is also the first point of contact for St Katherines, which is a Local Ecumenical project shared with the United Reformed Church.

The churches of the Team worship together for certain festivals, and joint Sunday services are held three times each year. The clergy most often lead the principal Sunday service in the church for which they have particular responsibility. However, each of the clergy leads the worship at all the churches sufficiently often that none of them is perceived as a visitor in any of the churches.

St Augustine’s District serves the south of Dunstable with the A5 running through the middle. St Fremunds District is in the North West quarter of the Town, which is almost entirely residential, though includes offices of Central Bedfordshire Council. St Katherines District is located in the North East of the Town. It’s housing straddles the main Luton/Dunstable road, and also includes a substantial area of industrial premises. St Peters District is focused on the town centre, but also includes residential areas. The Priory Church of St Peter exercises a civic function for the town. St Peters draws its membership from every part of the town and further afield. Other churches draw largely from their own district.

There are three upper schools, four middle schools, and ten lower schools in the town, including a Church of England Voluntary Aided school at each level. There is also a Further Education College.

There is a retail park with national stores. ‘High Street’ shops and banks are located in the town centre, together with civic buildings, Police Station, library, leisure centre and the Priory Church of St Peter. In addition there are local shopping precincts in each of the principal estates and each of our other three churches is situated near to one of these.

There is a wide variety of statutory and voluntary community organisations in the town.