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We Welcome Revd Tim Davis to the Parish!

This month we welcome Revd Tim Davis to Dunstable Parish as Team Vicar with responsibility for St Fremund’s Church and School Chaplain at All Saints and Manshead Academies, Dunstable.

Revd Tim Davis, Team Vicar Parish of Dunstable

It is with great excitement that I briefly introduce myself and family to you as we start to get settled into life in Dunstable.

Although I’m originally from Derbyshire, I still have family roots in this area. My wife, Jo, has family over in Aylesbury and surrounding area too.

Having trained at Trinity College, Bristol, I returned to rural Derbyshire where Jo and I met; I was on my curacy whilst she came to be the Youth Worker! After marrying in 2005 we moved to Leyton before spending the last 8 years in Rugby.

Jo and I have 4 primary aged children; Zachariah, Joshua, Abigail, and Rebekah. Jo is a full-time mum and as our youngest has just started in reception, giving her a small window of free time, she is looking forward to what she may be able to get involved with for herself in the parish! Prior to becoming
a mum, Jo got a degree in Youth and Community Work with Applied Theology studying with the Centre for Youth Ministry

Whilst we both enjoy working with children and
young people we enjoy working with people of all ages and look forward to the possibilities we have here to continue to do that and meeting you over time, working with you sharing God’s Kingdom to all.

With every blessing,


WED, Apr 01, 2020