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March 2012

March 2012

“The budding twigs spread out their fan to catch the breezy air” said William Wordsworth of the month of March. This little man seems to epitomise that sense of freedom, throwing his arms wide to welcome the fresh and free air of the Spring weather.  Yes March should soon be coming in “like a lion and going out like a lamb” according to legend.

Well, nothing is ever really as predictable as that but we can make plans and programmes and work towards them in faith.

The Lenten courses will have begun and a mix of friends and acquaintances from our Dunstable churches will be meeting for prayer, discussion and fellowship.

Throughout the month the intrepid Jackie and Gill will be rambling on (no offence meant!) taking in Caldicotte Lake in Milton Keynes on one trip.  Those who join them are promised an area ideal for bird watchers and the physical stimulation of “catching the breezy air” in fellowship together.

Those who can drag themselves away from Saturday night TV (joke!) can visit the Parish hall and enjoy a Beetle Drive on the 10th March from 6.30 pm. £2.50 per person. Hot dog supper is included but you are requested to bring your own drinks and glasses.

The Annual Church meeting is to be held on the 25th March after the 9.15 am service on that Sunday.  Those who wish to make a contribution to the active life of their church are urged to attend and either volunteer or nominate others for important elections to responsible Church posts and councils. Nomination forms are always available in Church.

At the conclusion of the four weeks of the Lent courses we are invited to a shared meal at St Augustine’s church at 7.00pm on April 2nd.

Mothering Sunday is on the 18th March and there will be the Worship for All and parade service at 9.15am.

Contributions to the work of the Street Pastors can be made by taking a  collection box for use during Lent.  These, hopefully full boxes, will be collected at Easter and provide much needed funds to support the caring outreach work of the Pastors.

Ray Bryant

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