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Boys’ Choir


“The choir is the best boys’ club going.”


Dunstable Priory Choir and the Priory Girls’ Choir lead the congregation of the Priory Church in Dunstable, Bedfordshire UK in the worship of God, in song and in speech, and enhance public worship through choral music. Both choirs are professionally directed, and provide training in singing and musical theory in the context of a Christian musical tradition spanning eight centuries (the Priory being 800 years old in 2013). The Priory Choir is one of less than 50 remaining parish church choirs with boys singing the top line. Alto, tenor and bass parts are sung by a combination of Choral Scholars [ex-trebles who have transferred to the back row] and adult singers. We maintain a “Cathedral” repertoire, the choirs, between them singing at the Sung Eucharist and at Evensong each Sunday in term time, and at the principal Holy Week, Easter and Christmas services. The choirs also “recharge their batteries” each summer with a several days’ residency at a Cathedral somewhere in the UK. [Recent Priory Choir trips have seen us go to Chichester, Sherborne, Derby, Lichfield and Exeter] Sound interesting? Do you fancy becoming a Chorister?


Let’s hear what the boys and their parents think…..

“If someone said to me 3 years ago that my son would be a choir boy I would of laughed at them but he loves it!”

“Our son not only learnt to sing but to read music, he became confident to sing in front of other people and self disciplined. He has learnt a new skill.”

“When William started singing in the choir he suffered with Asthma and also had a lisp.  Now into his third year his Asthma is minimal and his lisp is no longer noticeable.  This is all down to the choir….. It’s amazing!”

“You get paid!”

“I can now read music”

“Learnt a lot”

“The money is nice and I’ve earnt it!”

 “Our goal for all boys or girls who come to the Priory Choirs, is to offer the highest quality professional teaching, training and mentoring.”

Singing in Dunstable Priory ChoirPriory Girls’ Choir is a unique opportunity, incomparable to any other out-of-school–or indeed in-school–activity.  Choral singing challenges young people with lessons-for-life in commitment, responsibility and pride in accomplishment through hard work—not to mention development of appreciation of the beauty of music.  Also on offer is free professional group and solo singing tuition.  Our choristers take advantage of the following opportunities to:

  • Sing some of the greatest choral music ever written, from the 12th century through to the 21st
  • Work as part of a team—on a par with A-level music students and experienced adult singers
  • Make music in one of the most historic buildings in the northern Home Counties
  • Sing in other major venues: St Paul’s London, and Lichfield Cathedral during 2015 for example.
  • Be paid(!) and have constant work experience
  • Improve concentration and practice of skills
  • Improve self-confidence
  • Have experience working as part of a team
  • Improve musical reading ability
  • Improve musical knowledge
  • Gain experience of managing and motivation others


Teachers say that a key element of successful education is having high expectations of each student – and letting them know this.  In supporting the list above, let’s say our expectations are celestial!

choir2 choir1 choir3


Only to bring his or her voice — and sing! ANY boy or girl can usually be accepted and trained to choral standards.   Again, commitment of yourselves–child and parent–is of far more value:  we will supply everything else.


After contacting the Director Laurence Notley, your child will be auditioned.  Your child will then begin attending rehearsals at the Priory church.  After a few weeks they will start attending Sunday services.  The choir sings usually only during school term times and has at least one Sunday free each month during the term.  Both choirs normally sing with the Senior Priory Choir—Choral scholars and adult singers who provide the alto, tenor and bass parts.  The music your child will sing will be taken from a repertoire normally associated with cathedral rather than parish church choirs.

Choristers are paid at the end of each term, the amount increasing as they grow in experience and seniority within the choir.  A senior boy of 12 or 13 is paid in the region of £20-£25 per term, plus between £7 and £10 for any Saturday weddings.

If you would like further information or are interested in your son joining the Choir, please contact Laurence Notley – Director of Music, Dunstable Priory Choir: notleylaurence@gmail.com; 07720 762275; 01727 760137

To view the music list for this month click here

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